Monday, September 10, 2012

    "Attending Deanna's retreat was just the breath of fresh air and renewal I needed. From the moment I arrived could see that love was in the details. Having the opportunity to totally unplug from a hectic schedule and just take time with soul sisters, mentors and myself was priceless. The heart to heart connection that I made will last a lifetime. If you have forgotten to put yourself on the to do list for far to long, Deanna's retreats will revive your spirit and bring a song to your soul!"

~Marilyn Sorensen, West Jordan, UT
Hand Analyst, Mentor, and Business Developer

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"You are an amazing light. To be in a space with such incredible women, with such a positive energy and full hearts filled me with joy! I am so honored you asked me to be a presenter and share the space with all the incredible women that attended! Thank you! ♥"
 ~ Judee Guay, Coach, Speaker, LifeVision Coach

"I want to express my deepest GRATITUDE and LOVE for Deanna Valencia!! Deanna, you are AMAZING! Thank you, Thank you Thank you for the best fun I've had in a VERY long time. The retreat you created was absolutely fantastic and ALL of us connected completely! I loved EVERYTHING that you had to offer, including all of the presenters. It kind of feels 'strange' being home now after all of bonding and making new life long friends!"
~Sherry Hunter, Provo, UT

"Deanna Valencia opens up her home to make a difference in the lives of women. My heart is full of gratitude for what she creates with her Gatherings and Retreats."
~Colleen Norris, Taylorsville, UT

Deanna’s March retreat helped me so much!She spends so much time caring for the fabulous women who attend you can’t help but feel special being a part of the experience.From the time you arrive until the time you go, the experience is packed with useful and practical ways to become a better person.The breath circle in particular, opened up the possibility of change in my life and I haven’t looked back. I can’t wait until May when I can take my mom!Thanks Deanna for providing a place to embrace my inner Goddess!
~Nicole Lucero, Salt Lake City, UT

Monday, March 5, 2012

"I have been to the last two retreats Deanna has had and they are AMAZING!!!! I always leave feeling inspired and motivated to live a better life; a life that I love! The classes are phenomenal. The people I've met have become some of my greatest friends. The experiences at her retreats are priceless. Deanna was born to help women discover and love their divine individuality. I wouldn't miss this event for anything!"
-Melissa Scofield, Provo,UT

"In our fast paced world, it is often challenging to slow down, especially if slowing yourself down means taking a moment to nurture and care for yourself. Deanna Valencia is an inspiring woman, whose heart led her to creating a sacred and loving space for women to do just this: SLOW down and NURTURE one's self. Her retreat was full of soulful women, empowering workshops, and many gifts I will carry in my heart for many moons to come. It is a blissful opportunity to grow, heal, and recharge. I felt awakened, and reconnected to my soul's potential here!"
-Lindsay Hinton, Salt Lake City,UT

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"   I attended Deanna's last retreat which was soul inspiring and loads of fun! I gained new friendships and wonderful new knowledge. I also did this for myself, guilt free!! You're crazy if you don't think you deserve some RNR and TLC for YOU!... The $125 I paid was a bargain. I got more than my money's worth at the retreat, ate better than ever!! I also suggest spending some time with the river which flows in back of Deanna's residence. A good place for reflection. Great works you are doing Deanna and best of luck with the continued success of transformation and enlightenment and also self discovery! ♥"
~Debbie Rushton, Saratoga Springs, UT

"Deanna puts together an amazing, very knowledgeable and fun retreat. Loved it, loved sharing with beautiful talented women. Looking forward to more!"
~Kate Thompson,  Bountiful, UT

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Deanna’s Wellness Retreat is amazing! She invites knowledgeable speakers who share valuable information on the topics of health and wellness. She provides classy and fun entertainment, and best of all, she prepares healthy and scrumptious meals!
You will build relationships with the other women who share similar ideals and who have goals in life. You’ll hear women open their hearts and souls and you will walk away from this retreat refreshed and exuberant. I highly recommend this retreat for all women."
~Shanna Beaman, Author and Professional Trainer

" If you haven't been to one of Deanna's events, please consider this one....Why? 1.It's a great space to connect with like-minded women 2. She always gathers a great group of wonderful speakers on a variety of interesting and relevant topics 3. There is always yummy food to enjoy 4. She includes creative activities along with yoga, entertainment, etc. 5.You will leave uplifted with a bunch of new friends and/or deeper connections with the ones you already know...COME!! Bring a friend or two!!!"
~Laurie Frazier, Provo UT